London: Diana’s Fashion Story at Kensington Palace

I’ve visited Kensington Palace several times, and while all of it is worth seeing, there’s one corridor I always make a beeline for: the fashion exhibit, of course.

In years past, this space has housed gorgeous gowns from the Queen, Princess Margaret, and Princess Diana. Currently, however, the space is dedicated to Diana alone. Obviously, I had to pay her gowns a visit.

Billing itself as “the definitive dress exhibition,” the space features some of Diana’s most iconic looks, tracing her style “from the demure, romantic dresses and other outfits of her first public appearances, to the glamour, elegance and confidence of her later life.” And that evolution is very evident. For example, compare the frilly pink number on the right:

With these more body-con pieces:

Style evolution? Check. Also, can we talk about that beading in the above left dress?!? Love.

I also love how thoroughly, unabashedly eighties some of Diana’s looks were. Think shoulder pads, sequins, and bright (errrrr, gaudy?) colors.

( ^^ Ummmmm, how fabulous is that coat?!)

In addition to gowns, the exhibition rooms are also peppered with sketches of Diana’s looks. I just love these; each is so whimsical and fun. And how delightful is the dress below on the right?! I wish I had some sort of fabulous garden party to attend and wear that to.

My only complaint about Diana: Her Fashion Story is that the exhibit left me wanting more. The collection is relatively small, and it’s hard not to think of all the gorgeous gowns tucked away in storage. I can only hope they’ll put them all on display one day!

Past Kensington Palace visits: 20062013, and 2017

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