Cabo: Shameless Resort Relaxation

I never, ever used to be a “beach person.” As someone who is exceedingly pale AND who hates hot weather, it’s probably obvious why the beach and I aren’t exactly the best of pals. But lately, my attitude toward beach vacations has started to shift. Perhaps it’s because I work at a job that demands crazy long hours, but the idea of sitting on a beach and doing literally nothing – and I mean nothing! – has come to appeal to me more and more over time.

Last year, I spent President’s Day weekend in Curaçao. The trip was a resounding success, and I was determined to make another warm weather escape this President’s Day. After conferring with my sister, we settled on Cabo, which seemed to be pretty ideal on my highly scientific “lazy beach vacation” scale.

Our trip started with a bit of chaos; we had booked a room at Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos only to arrive and find out they didn’t have a room for us for the first two nights. Needless to say, we were both irate, and our moods were not helped by the hotel staff, who were neither particularly sympathetic to our plight nor particularly adept at handling things. We were sent to one of their sister resorts, Pueblo Bonito Pacifica, for the first nights of our trip. However, as it turned out, this was a blessing: the Pacifica was awesome, with a fantastic pool in particular. We wound up completely loving our time at the Pacifica and – ironically – found ourselves hesitant to return to the Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos location for our last two nights in town (that resort is “fine,” but quite shabby and worn down compared to the newer Pacifica).

Regardless of what resort we were at, though, our routine didn’t much vary: get up early, plop our towels on two chairs by the pool, grab breakfast, and then get down to the business of the day (that is, laying by the pool, reading, drinking tropical drinks, and swimming). It was fantastic, and we did it damn well, if I may so so myself.

As is probably evident by now, if you are looking for a sense of the local culture of Cabo, you won’t find it in this post. In a way, I acknowledge, it might be somewhat shameful that we never once left the confines of our resort. But the truth is, I take plenty of those sort of trips, the kinds where I’m always go, go, going, trying to soak up every bit of culture and cuisine a place offers. But sometimes – like this time – it’s nice to sit back, relax, and just do … nothing.

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