New York: Once Upon a Springtime at Macy’s

As someone who loves a) colorful things and b) flowers, it’s probably no surprise that I have a particular soft spot in my heart for springtime in New York. After a bleak, grey winter, seeing color pop up around the city is a welcome relief, and what’s nice is that these bursts of color aren’t just confined to the city’s parks and outdoor spaces. Case in point: the annual Macy’s Flower Show.

One Sunday, I got up early and made my way to Macy’s, determined to see the windows and explore inside the store before the crowds arrived (if you’ve ever been to the flagship Macy’s in NYC, you know that it’s basically a war zone inside that place on weekends). I succeeded in my mission; in fact, I succeeded so thoroughly that some of the windows still had frost on them I had arrived so early! Even semi-obscured by frost, the flower-filled windows were lovely.

The theme for this year’s flower show was “Once Upon a Springtime,” and the storybook details were evident throughout the display: firebreathing dragons, cottages, turrets, swords & shields. I loved all the whimsical, colorful details nestled among the flowers. I also loved the enthusiasm of everyone at Macy’s: I was there when the doors to the store opened, and as we all streamed in to get a look at the flowers, staff lined the walkways, clapping for us as we walked by. Kind of adorable!

After a few years hiatus from the flower show (my last visit was in 2015), I’m glad I ventured back this year. It’s a bit of hassle, sure, but one that shouldn’t be missed.

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