Paris: A Peek into the World of Yves Saint-Laurent

If there’s one thing I cannot resist when I travel, it’s a good fashion exhibit. So, when the Musée Yves Saint-Laurent opened in 2017, I knew it would be top of my must-visit list the next time I returned to Paris. And, after now visiting, I’m happy to report it was one of the more enjoyable fashion exhibits I’ve seen.

The museum is housed in the former haute couture house of Yves Saint-Laurent and is filled with a rotation selection of YSL fashion. They also seem to do a good job of regulating the number of tickets they sell, so it was blissfully crowd-free when I visited. Couture is so much more pleasant when you aren’t elbowing people to catch a glimpse of it.

The gowns on display were truly stunning; I always find myself marveling over the intricate details of couture, from the luxurious fabrics to the elaborate embroidery. In addition to the fashion itself, the exhibit also includes plenty of sketches, along with a recreation of YSL’s studio. All of it was fascinating to peruse.

All this is to say that I highly enjoyed my visit to the YSL Museum. I cannot wait to see what gowns are on display next time I find myself back in Paris.

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