Paris: Two Days at Roland Garros

Anyone who knows me knows that I love tennis. Back in high school and college, I used to watch it ALL. THE. TIME. (Nothing like having no real responsibilities to facilitate watching 8 hours of daytime coverage every day for two weeks straight during the majors). Now that I have real responsibilities, my time spent watching the sport is much more limited, but I do try to catch it live whenever I can. My friends and I have a yearly tradition of visiting the US Open, and I’ve been to Wimbledon before. This left two majors – the Australian Open and the French Open – that I hadn’t yet seen. Paris is a lot easier to get to than Melbourne, so, to the French Open I went.

Since the impetus for this particular trip to France was the French Open, I decided I better make the most of it and bought tickets to go on two different days. While my tickets were for Court Philippe-Chartrier (the main stadium), they gave me access to the entire grounds, including all the outer courts. So, while I watched a lot of the big matches on the main court (including my bae Rafa Nadal), I also made sure to rove around and see what I could see on all the other courts. I wound up catching bits of Sloane Stephens’s and Fernando Verdasco’s matches, which was cool.

The whole experience was pretty great. The atmosphere at Roland Garros was fun, the staff was super helpful, and there were so many well-dressed people everywhere you looked that it was prime people watching territory. Seriously, even the employees had super chic uniforms. How very French! I also thought they did a super job maintaining the grounds; there were flowers everywhere, and it all just felt so lovely and genteel. Which is pretty much perfect tennis watching conditions in my book!

Even though my second day of tennis ended in an absolute, utter downpour, I still walked away very happy with my French Open experience. 3 down, 1 to go. I’m coming for you next, Melbourne.

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