Iceland: Floating Along at the Blue Lagoon

Before going to Iceland, I felt like everything I read about the Blue Lagoon was wildly across the map. There were a chorus of people calling it overrated, saying that if you wanted an authentic geothermal spa experience, you should head elsewhere. Then there were others, people who said, yeah, okay, it’s touristy, but it’s still well worth the trip. As for me, I felt that I really couldn’t visit Iceland without at least giving it a try, so I decided to believe the latter group of folks. To the Blue Lagoon I went!

One thing I had read was that the Blue Lagoon can get crazy crowded, so I decided to do the one thing I never like to do and get up super early. I caught a 7am bus to the lagoon (ouch!), and while that was early, it was worth it: the place was pretty uncrowded when I arrived. While it got busier as the morning wore on, I found that the crowds were never prohibitively crushing, and I found that I could always swim out to a remote corner and find a quiet spot all to myself.

Upon arriving, I checked in, changed into my bathing suit, showered (it’s mandatory), and then made my way into the Lagoon. Right away, I could see why this place is so popular: the water is warm and, well, blue, and the mist and steam rising up from the lagoon looks downright magical against the rocky surrounding landscape.

I spent a good 3 hours hanging out in the Lagoon: I did a clay mask (they’re free! Don’t miss it), got a raspberry icee from the float up bar, and just soaked and soaked to my heart’s content. It was super relaxing and low key and, honestly, I loved it. So, yeah, you can now count me in the group of people who acknowledge how uber-touristy the place is but emphatically say: yeah, it’s worth it anyway.

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