New York: Summer on the High Line

One of the main reasons I moved to my current apartment was its proximity to the High Line. In fact, I’m literally a half block away! Needless to say, I make it a priority to get there whenever I can.

Much as I love the High Line, in the summertime, it can be a bit of a drag (to say the least). The High Line is, well, popular, and when the weather is nice, the crowds are often downright crushing. My favorite time to explore is around 8am – aka, a time when the city hasn’t woken up yet. That thing they say about New York being the city that never sleeps? Well, I am here to tell you that it definitely sleeps in, particularly on the weekends. And if you’re willing to forego a bit of your own sleep, you can usually enjoy a walk along the High Line in near total peace.

My favorite thing about the High Line in the summertime? The black-eyed Susans. They line the pathways and are just gorgeous. Even though I’ve probably taken hundreds of pictures of them over the years, I can never resist snapping yet one more. I’m sure I’ll do it next time I go back, too.

Past visits to the High Line are here, here, here, and here.

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