Boston: A Weekend Getaway to Beantown

I always feel a bit remiss about the fact that I have lived just a few hours away by train from Boston for several years now, and yet … I never really go there. Last summer, I rectified that, popping up to the city for a quick weekend getaway.

The weekend began, fittingly, with breakfast. I opted for Lincoln Tavern for one reason: I heard they had Fruity Pebble Pancakes and was intrigued. They were a tasty splurge, and after breakfast, I attempted to work them off with a walk around the neighborhood.

The one spot I was really, really excited to visit in Boston was the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, mostly because the museum’s courtyard is – to say the least – dreamy. The collection was fun to peruse, but I kept literally circling back around to the courtyard. What a space!

From the museum, I decided to take a short walk over to the Fenway Park area. Though I wasn’t able to get inside and see the Green Monster for myself, I wandered around for a bit before making my way to Cultivar for brunch. There, I opted for the lobster roll because, really, when do I ever not opt for the lobster roll?

In the afternoon, I wandered through the lovely Beacon Hill neighborhood and up Acorn Street, which some claim is the most photographed street in America. I don’t know if that’s the case, but it sure is charming.

After freshening up, I headed to Sportello for dinner – and for what was one of my very favorite meals of the year. The ravioli was delightful and the coconut cake I had for dessert was divine.

In the evening, it was time to experience the impetus for my entire trip – seeing the Moulin Rouge musical at the Colonial Theater. One of the curses of being permanently a year behind in blogging is that the show is no longer playing in Boston – but, luckily, it’s made its way to New York now (and I’ve seen it here too). The Colonial Theater was newly renovated when I visited and seriously gorgeous inside. I mean, am I in Boston or Versailles?!

The next day, there wasn’t much time to explore before catching my train back to NYC. I pretty much only had time to brunch at Bar Mezzana and then grab a donut from Blackbird Doughtnuts for snacking on the train.

And that was my whirlwind weekend in Boston. Hopefully I’ll remember I need to hit it up more frequently in the future!

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