St. Andrews: On Royalty, Ruins, and Golf, I Guess

Any good American millennial woman with a royals obsession would likely think of one thing and one thing alone when asked what they associate with St. Andrews, Scotland: William and Kate met there, of course! I mean, duh. So that was the background I took into my visit there, but as it turns out, there’s a lot more to the town than just a royal connection.

We arrived in town around lunchtime, so we popped into Forgan’s to grab a bite. Not only was the food tasty – I opted for the smoked salmon sandwich with sweet potato fries – but the decor here was super cute and charming. What a find!

After lunch, we popped over to the St. Andrews campus for a bit, peeking into a few pretty courtyards. We also walked to St. Andrews Castle, which is not so much a functioning castle as it is the ruins of an old castle. Still, set against the sea, it was quite pretty.

Speaking of ruins … our next stop was the ruins of St. Andrews Cathedral. I thought these were just gorgeous, and probably even more beautiful than if there were an intact cathedral standing there instead.

From the cathedral, we walked down South Street (where we found the flower-covered Holy Trinity Church, whose photo appears at the start of this post). We then made our way back to St. Andrews’ famous golf course, which was not of much interest to me but still had to be seen given its fame. Golf, schmolf I say – give me a look at where Wills and Kate met, please!

We ended our time in town by walking along the beach, which as it turns out is the beach from Chariots of Fire. And if you think you can visit that spot and not quietly hum the theme song to yourself, then I say, think again!

My only regret about St. Andrews? We only had a few hours to spend there before heading to our next stop. Honestly, the town was so charming and cute that I would have been delighted to spend a night there and just wander around a bit more. Maybe next time!

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