Scotland: A Mountainous Day in the Highlands

If I had to pinpoint the theme of our third day in the Highlands, I would say nature, mountains, and mountains again. We headed out into the great outdoors, taking in some of the region’s spectacular scenery

Our day began in the little village of Invermoriston, where we visited the Thomas Telford Bridge. Honestly, I thought this stop was mostly about taking a bathroom break, but this little bridge was seriously stunning! I mean, straight out of a postcard, don’t you think? Fun fact: “inver” means mouth, so Invermoriston is the mouth of the Moriston River. The more you know!

We continued on, heading for the Nevis Mountain Range. There, we rode a gondola (the cable car kind, not the Venetian boat kind) to the top of the mountain. The weather was very uncooperative that day – think gusting winds and rain – which put a damper (literally) on our plans. While I’m sure the area is lovely in the sunshine, I pretty much only had the fortitude to duck out onto the deck briefly to snap a few pictures of the view before retreating back inside.

Next, we headed toward Glencoe. The area was once the home of the infamous 1692 massacre (government forces killed 38 members of clan MacDonald while they slept). Today, it’s home to gorgeous, dramatic green rolling hills. This spot felt like the Scotland of my dreams – just unbelievably beautiful, dreamlike scenes every which way I looked.

In the evening we arrived in Oban, our home for the next two evenings. Oban is a little town perched on the sea, meaning it is 1) lovely, and 2) windy. On our walk into town for dinner and then back “home” to our hotel afterwards, we were practically blown away by the strong gusts. Still, ain’t it pretty though?

Even though we faced wind and rain the entire day, I still couldn’t help but be charmed by the Scottish countryside. It’s worth getting a little damp for!

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