New York: A Trip to the Color Factory

Last fall, I was clearly on some sort of Instagram-worthy pop-up bender, as I followed up my visit to Candytopia shortly thereafter with a visit to The Color Factory. Intended as a “celebration of color and creativity,” the Color Factory’s stated mission is to “connect you to the colorful moments around New York and in your own daily life.” Pretty lofty goals for something that ends with a gigantic ball pit, but I had to see it for myself.

The visit begins in a holding room, where you wait to be let in at your appointed time. This initial room was possibly my favorite part of the entire visit. The walls were lined with poems about different colors you might find in New York (I loved these!) and the ceiling was filled with rainbow colored streamers.

Entering the exhibit proper, you first come to a room with a macaron conveyor belt (what a dream!)…

And then came a room with musical instruments you could try out…

And then a room filled with balloons covered in messages…

Next up was a maze – your answers to various questions lead you on a path around the floor, which culminates in you entering a room and then finding out what your color match is. I got purple!

Then there was a hallway filled with various colorful knicknacks…

Which emptied out into a gigantic blue ball pit, because these things always seem to culminate with a ball pit…

And of course everything ended in the gift shop, where lots of fun – and, yes, colorful – merchandise was for sale.

And that was The Color Factory! I’m not quite sure it gave me that much insight into the colors of NYC, but it was a fun way to spend a morning. And who doesn’t love a good ball pit?

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