New York: Autumn Splendor in Central Park

At the beginning of each new season, I’m always convinced that season is my favorite. But, in reality, if I had to pick a true number one, it would no doubt be fall. And while there are many reasons I adore fall, chief among them are, of course, the colors.

There are lots of good places to see the changing leaves in New York, but for my money, the best place is a classic: Central Park, of course! For my first three years in New York, I lived just a few blocks away from Central Park, and I definitely took for granted how spoiled I was. Now, I don’t get there quite so frequently, but it’s always, always worth a trip (or three) for the leaves.

I am the world’s worst morning person, but I make exceptions from time to time – and getting up early to have the park to yourself is certainly one of them. So one morning early last November, I made my way there around 9am (an hour that might not be early in some parts, but is most certainly early for a weekend in New York). I had the park – and the leaves – largely to myself, and it was just lovely.

Looking at these pictures, I’m getting a little flutter of excitement for the colors to change this year. Come on, fall! Let’s get a move on.

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