New York: A Belated Roundup of Christmas 2018

Though it’s just about time for me to get out and about in New York and ogle this year’s holiday decor, I couldn’t let last year’s finery go ignored in this space. Even though NYC can be …. trying during the holidays (the CROWDS, I tell you), it can also be pretty damn magical too. One of my favorite traditions of the last few years is to get up early one morning and take a walk down 5th Avenue (and beyond) to take in all the holiday cheer. Here’s a look at last year’s…

I always begin at Bergdorf’s. They reliably have some of the most over-the-top, luxurious windows. Last year was no exception:

All the other stores on 5th Avenue deck themselves out as well. I always love the GIGANTIC bows at Cartier.

And of course there’s Saks Fifth Avenue. The fabulous pink sleeping mask lady was my favorite here:

Rockefeller Center is always kind of crazy, even when I wake up early to check it out. But if you can elbow past the crowds, there’s a lot to love here:

And possibly the most fabulous tree in the city is found at Lotte New York Palace. It’s just gorgeous!

I also popped up to Bloomingdales. I make a cameo in the first photo below, if you look closely.

And I wrapped things up, as always, at Macy’s. Look at these cozy little scenes!

And that was Christmas 2018. I’m itching to see what this year’s windows look like….

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