London: A Very Merry Mayfair and Other Christmas Delights

Though I am a fan of Christmas decor in all its many forms, I think my very favorite Christmas displays of all can be found in London. I’ve made it something of a tradition to visit London around the holidays the last few years now (see here and here), and every year, I’m just as much in awe as I was the year before. This year was no exception.

One highlight was discovering all the decor in Mayfair. I’ve explored this neighborhood before, but this year I dove in even deeper, finding all the good spots. Every shop was seriously decked out – I could have ogled the windows forever. Gold star for Mayfair!

Also in Mayfair was the Instagram-famous Annabel’s. The entire front facade, several stories high, was covered in a gigantic Christmas tree. Not too shabby!

I always love Bond Street and the nearby elegant shopping arcades. The Royal Arcade is a particular favorite: it’s not a trip to London until I stock up on chocolate truffles at Charbonnel et Walker.

I’m extremely averse to crowds, but one time I’m always willing to brave them is to see the angel lights over Regent Street. They are just magical. (Just ignore the man behind the curtain / the absolute crush of people below)

I always love the decor at Covent Garden. Last year, it featured a bonus bug piled with presents. So cute!

The windows at Fortnum & Mason are always worth a peek:

And so, of course, are the ones at Harrods:

And with that, another Christmas visit to London is in the books. I cannot wait to be back there in just a few weeks!

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