Barbados: Lazy Poolside Days

One tradition I’ve embraced the last few years is a Presidents’ Day trip to somewhere warm. In 2017 it was Curacao; in 2018, Cabo; and this year: Barbados! The goal for these trips is twofold. First, escape New York during the winter months. Second, do absolutely nothing. As for how well I achieved those goals this trip? Check and check!

I stayed at the Bougainvillea Beach Resort, and when I say “stayed” there, I really mean it … I pretty much didn’t leave the resort during my long weekend there. I’m usually more of an explorer on vacation, but during these Presidents’ Day trips, I pride myself on truly doing nothing. So, that meant lounging by the water, spending hours in the pool, reading several books, and drinking all the fruity cocktails. It was perfect.

As for the Bougainvillea itself, I quite enjoyed staying there. The pool area was lovely and, blessedly, not very crowded (which is, of course, very clutch). There were also several different restaurants on site, so I never had to venture too far afield for a meal. It wasn’t groundbreaking cuisine, but it was good and got the job done. All in all, not a bad place to spend three days decompressing!

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