Las Vegas: Celine, Cher, and the Cosmo

Somehow in my 33 years of living, I had never made it to Las Vegas. But if there’s one person whose power cannot be denied, it’s Celine Dion, and when my friends and I heard her Vegas residency was ending, we knew we had to go see her before she left. And since Vegas’s motto seems to be “go big or go home,” we figured we might as well throw in a stop to see Cher as well.

We based ourselves at the Cosmopolitan hotel. I was super busy at work in the lead up to this trip, so I didn’t participate in choosing the hotel at all … but to my delight, we all liked it a lot. I mean, with views like this from my room, who can complain?

On our first night, we grabbed dinner at Momofuku, conveniently located in the lobby of our hotel. We ordered a bit of everything and shared it all: pork belly buns, oysters, honeycrisp apple salad, Sichuan beef noodles, miso sea bass, and a bunch of very good cocktails. Everything was fabulous (especially the pork belly buns).

After dinner, it was time for Cher. Honestly, I’ve never really listened to Cher’s music all that much, but after this concert, I walked away a real fan! She was so fun onstage, telling great stories and generally just being an astonishing performer, particularly for someone who is 73 years old!

The next day, we were pretty lazy: we just hung around our hotel, playing the slots and exploring all the different food options. Regarding the latter, the Cosmopolitan pretty much has everything. We started with egg sandwiches for breakfast at Eggslut:

Then had Hattie B’s hot chicken for lunch:

And then had pre-show drinks at Ghost Donkey, the hotel’s hidden-ish speakeasy:

In the evening, it was time for the main event: CELINE! The show was seriously fantastic – she is such a committed performer, and she’s so funny and quirky and just utterly Celine onstage. I think all of us were completely thrilled that we made the trip to see her.

After the show, we walked back down the Strip, stopping to catch the fountain show at the Bellagio. Big finish!

The next morning, it was back to NYC and back to reality. Overall, I found Vegas to be kind of a strange place: I was super happy we got to see Celine and Cher perform, but the city itself is so over-the-top and tacky that I’m not necessarily in any rush to get back. That said, if Celine decides to return for another residency one day….

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