New York: the Big Apple in Bloom

This past spring was a truly insane one at work. I put in more hours than I ever have before, and the one (literal) bright spot was that, every so often, I’d get up slightly early and go see some of the flowers popping up all around the city. If your brain is swimming with facts and testimony and cases, the least you can do is give it a small break every now and then with a nice walk among the flowers.

My walks began close to home: the High Line is always a treat in any season (provided, of course, that you wake up early enough to avoid the crowds).

Honestly I had kind of forgotten how lovely Washington Square Park can be in the springtime. I swung by there early one Saturday morning and was thrilled to see all the trees in full bloom in the bright sunshine.

One of the most classic NYC springtime shots can be found in Madison Square Park. Cherry blossoms + the Flatiron building = iconic.

I love visiting Roosevelt Island in the spring: it’s easy to get to from Manhattan yet, somehow, always feels relatively quiet and undiscovered.

Something I love about Central Park is that, even after years of visiting with relative frequency, there’s still more for me to discover. Case in point: there is a fantastic grove of cherry blossom trees to the west of the Jacqui O. Reservoir that I only just found this year. Who knew!

Past springtime adventures in New York: Central Park, Central Park, and Roosevelt Island


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