Delaware: Costumes of the Crown at the Winterthur Museum

If there are two things I love, it’s good costumes and the British royal family. So, of course, The Crown is a real sweet spot for me. I love the show, and when I heard that an exhibit of costumes from it was going to be at the Winterthur Museum in glamorous Delaware, I knew I had to make my way there.

I had never been to Wilmington before, but it’s a pretty breezy train ride from New York. From Wilmington, I grabbed a Lyft out to the museum, which was well outside the city. The grounds there were honestly huge – you could easily spend the entire day exploring – but my focus was simple: those costumes!

I loved seeing all the costumes up close and personal. The care and detail put into each one is pretty incredible – it was so awesome to see the craftsmanship up close. I loved them all, but the wedding gowns in particular were impressive. Something else I loved? I had the exhibit almost 100% to itself. Bless you, Delaware, and your sparse population.

After ogling the costumes for a not insignificant length of time, I explored the grounds for a while and also grabbed a tea in the tea shop. Overall, not a bad option for a Saturday escape from NYC.

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