London: Into the Dream World of Dior

When I heard that there was going to be a Christian Dior retrospective at the V&A, I knew it was a must-see for me. As has been well-documented here, I’m fairly obsessed with fashion exhibits, and Dior was – and still is! – one of the biggest names in fashion of them all.

There was only one problem: I kind of dropped the ball on ticket buying. By the time I remembered and checked the V&A’s website, tickets were completely sold out for the week I was in London. So I did what any sensible fashion loving gal would do: I bought a V&A membership. Yes, it was a (way) pricier way to get a ticket. But also: yes, the extra cost was absolutely worth it.

The exhibit, with fashions spanning from 1947 to the present, “traces the history and impact of one of the 20th century’s most influential couturiers.” My verdict? I adored it.

First, this was a HUGE exhibit – room after room, packed with fashion. Second, the pieces themselves were just exquisite. The details, the colors, the fabrics – I was in heaven.

I’ve seen lots of fashion exhibits, but honestly, this might have been my very favorite of all. I left impressed and inspired, and not at all bothered by how much I had to pay to get in. Worth it.

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