London: The City in Bloom

Lately, my trips to London have tended to be in the winter months, but in July, I made my way across the pond to take in the tennis at Wimbledon. And so, I found myself in London at the height of summer, which meant one thing: flowers were everywhere. Seemingly every place I went in the city, I was greeted with floral treats.

I started at the V&A, whose courtyard is one of my favorite spots in the city. In the summer time, it’s packed with hydrangeas – what a dream!

In Belgravia, I was delighted to find that so many of the shops featured elaborate floral displays out front. It was impossible to pick a favorite from these beauties; I loved them all.

I headed to Hampton Court Palace for the RHS Garden Festival. Featuring a garden designed by Kate Middleton herself, there was so much to see at the festival. It was a bit hot and crowded, but I loved seeing all the displays and browsing the pop-up shops.

I also made my way to Kew Gardens, which featured a Chihuly exhibit last summer – nine different sculptures were scattered around the grounds. The sculptures looked beautiful against the garden’s natural backdrops.

I’m used to seeing Covent Garden dressed up for Christmas, but I didn’t realize that it would also be decked out for summer time. Fun!

One place I visited that I could not believe I had never been to before was Queen Mary’s Rose Gardens in Regents Park. There are SO many different rose varieties there, and they are all gorgeous. I know this will become a favorite return spot in the future.

And finally, I couldn’t resist wandering by a perennial favorite spot: the Churchill Arms. Elegant and restrained, wouldn’t you say?

Honestly, I had kind of forgotten how much I adore London in warm weather. I don’t think I’ll be giving up my winter trips any time soon, but I’d love to work in some more summer visits, too. The Chelsea Flower Show is definitely a bucket list item for me, so stay tuned…

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