London: A Long-Awaited Return to Wimbledon

I’m generally not much of a sports person, but one of the few sports I do love is tennis. And the cathedral of tennis undoubtedly is Wimbledon.

I visited Wimbledon for the first time back in 2006. Given that it had been well over a decade, I felt like a return visit was surely in order. So, this summer, back I went.

The first time I visited Wimbledon, I did the traditional thing: I queued, getting up at the crack of dawn to secure my spot in line and waiting for something like 4 plus hours before getting inside. But now, in my old age (33 is rough, man), I wasn’t thrilled about doing that. My friends and I decided to splurge instead, buying resale tickets on Centre Court.

It was quite a change to arrive and be able to stroll right in – no queue for us! We made our way first to Henman Hill, where we bought cups of Pimm’s (when at Wimbledon….). I was excited because a winner of the Great British Baking Show (Candice) was there, serving up the drinks as part of some promotion! Drinks in hand, we made our way to Court 3 to catch some early round action (we caught the tail end of Sloane Stephens’s match). And then, it was time to head into Centre Court. Among other matches, we got to see Rafa Nadal play Nick Kyrgios. As a huge Rafa fan, I couldn’t have been more thrilled!

Though there’s something to be said about the queuing experience, honestly, I was pretty thrilled to leave it all behind for a bit of luxury. It was such a good day of tennis, and I’m already scheming about when I might have a chance to return.

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