Can I work in Egypt on a tourist visa?

Can I work in Egypt with a tourist visa?

Egypt’s growing economy makes it a popular country for skilled workers seeking jobs overseas. There are a number of business opportunities available for expats. To be able to work in the country, expats need a valid work visa for Egypt. … Foreigners are strictly prohibited from carrying on any work on a tourist visa.

Can a tourist work in Egypt?

Once a foreign national is in Egypt on a tourist visa, it is permissible to obtain a work permit. Once the work permit is gained, the expatriate’s original work visa becomes legal as a work visa and is valid for the same duration as the work permit.

Can a foreigner work in Egypt?

The new decree states that foreigners may work in Egypt, only if: The foreigner is legally authorized to stay in Egypt for the purpose of work; and. Has a work permit obtained from the Ministry of Manpower or its affiliated offices.

Can tourist visa convert to work permit?

The measures introduced today will now allow visitors to apply for work permits without having to leave the country first.

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Is it easy to get job in Egypt?

Job hunting from abroad is always difficult, however with the help of the internet, finding a job in Egypt isn’t impossible even if you lack extensive experience. Sites like and are good places to start for those searching for work in Egypt.

How much is a work permit in Egypt?

CAIRO – 12 May 2017: The fee of foreigners’ work permits in Egypt will range from 5,000-30,000 EGP, rather than a maximum of 50,000 EGP as earlier proposed by the government, parliament’s Manpower Committee said on Friday.

Can I work and live in Egypt?

Whilst a work permit entitles you to live and work in Egypt, it can be difficult to obtain. A better option for expats is usually to apply for a temporary residence permit. This enables individuals to reside in the country for one, three or five years at a time, and is relatively simple to acquire.

What is work permit in Egypt?

If no Egyptian nationals are qualified for a certain position, your foreign workers can apply for a work permit that’s valid for up to one year. They can then renew it for up to three years. Before applying for a work permit, each employee must get a security clearance from the National Security Agency in Egypt.

Is Egypt good for work?

Holding a rich culture and ancient history, Egypt has grown to become a popular working destination for professionals. Skilled people migrate to this country in search of quality employment. Cairo is the largest city in this country where the most professional population lives and work.

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How do I get a residence permit in Egypt?

Most foreigners begin by applying for a one-year residence visa, which can be done in Cairo at an office of the Ministry of the Interior “ Al Mogamaa” in Tahrir square or at any passport office around the country. This office supplies British Nationals with the necessary application materials.

What is the highest paying job in Egypt?

Top 10 Best Paying Careers in Egypt

  • Surgeons / Doctors. Salary Range: from 18,500 EGP to 51,700 EGP. …
  • Judges. Salary Range: from 15,500 EGP to 43,400 EG. …
  • Lawyers. …
  • Bank Managers. …
  • Chief Executive Officers. …
  • Chief Financial Officers. …
  • Orthodontists. …
  • University Lecturers.

What is the most common job in Egypt?

The vast majority of Egyptians work in agriculture or the informal economy, but others work in manufacturing, social services, the government sector, tourism and other industries.