Do Indians require visa for Mauritius?

Can I travel to Mauritius without visa?

No visa is required. On arrival, your passport will be stamped allowing entry to the country for 60 days. Visit the Embassy of the Republic of Mauritius website or the nearest Mauritius Embassy or Consulate for further information.

How much duration does it take Mauritius to provide tourist visa to Indians?

Rush processing time: acquire the visa in less time for a higher fee. USD 50.00 – 13 days. Super Rush processing time: we will work as fast as possible for your travel documentation. USD 90.00 – 8 days.

Which countries can Indians enter without visa?

There are 30 countries you can visit without a visa if you are an Indian passport holder – even more if you count the countries in which you can obtain a visa on arrival or a facilitated electronic visa.

Visa Free Countries for Indians.

Country Period of Stay
Indonesia up to 30 days.
Jamaica up to 30 days.
Macau up to 30 days.
Maldives up to 90 days.

Is Indian rupee accepted in Mauritius?

Most of the places in Mauritius do not accept foreign currencies including INR, USD and EUR. However, certain high-end retail shops and Hotels might accept USD and EUR. Even if you purchase anything from these shops by using USD or EUR, the change will be paid back only in MUR.

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Is Mauritius a Hindu country?

Mauritius is a religiously diverse nation, with Hinduism being the most widely professed faith. The people of Indian descent (Indo-Mauritian) follow mostly Hinduism and Islam. The Franco-Mauritians, Creoles and Sino-Mauritians follow Christianity.

Is Mauritius open for Indian Travellers?

Post the Covid-19 lockdown, Mauritius has finally opened its doors to international visitors hoping to rebuild its vital tourism industry. The country was shut for international visitors due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Who gets red passport in India?

Diplomatic passports in India are issued to the following: All Indian Foreign Services and the Ministry of External Affairs (MoEA) officers traveling abroad on official business. People holding diplomatic status. Officials deputed by Government of India for official duty abroad.