Frequent question: Which is a negative effect of tourism in North Africa quizlet?

How has tourism in North Africa negatively affected the environment?

Tourism. Tourism is an important source of income for most countries of North Africa. … Thus, increased water scarcity, sea level rise, and increasing temperatures will likely have a negative impact on this sector and consequently the economy of most North African countries.

What is a negative effect of the oil and petroleum industries in North Africa on the environment?

It created new ecosystems in which diseases such as malaria flourished. pollute rivers and coastal waters by discharging waste into them. Why do some countries in North Africa import most of their food needs? Water scarcity makes it impossible to grow enough food for the population.

What percentage of Egypt’s population lives in the Nile delta or along the Nile River quizlet?

About 99 percent of Egypt’s people live either in the Nile Valley or the delta region. Along the Nile’s cultivated banks, population density averages about 2,700 people per square mile (1,100 per sq km).

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Which country has underground reservoirs of water?

The largest underground water reserves are found in the drier North Africa region, especially in Egypt, Libya, Sudan and Algeria. Much of the water in this region is located deep underground, 100 – 250 m below the surface.

Which is a negative effect of tourism in North Africa *?

Which is a negative effect of tourism in North Africa? It requires large quantities of water for swimming pools, hotels, and golf courses. Which statement about the environmental impact of regional oil and petroleum industries is true?

What environmental problems is North Africa facing?

Introduction. The Middle East and North Africa faces a host of major environmental challenges, from water scarcity and food insecurity to climate change adaptation.

Which of these has the biggest negative impact on North Africa’s economy?

Which of these has the BIGGEST negative impact on North Africa’s economy? Explanation: Of these choices, the Sahara Desert has the biggest negative impact on North Africa’s economy.

Which of these is a negative effect of petroleum on Nigerian economy?

Oil exploration in Nigeria has caused soil, water and air pollution in many parts of the country. One of the immediate consequences of the neglect of agriculture in Nigeria as a result of the discovery and exportation of oil is the decline in food production.

What are the negative effects of petroleum in Nigeria?

The country’s heavy reliance on oil has led Nigeria to civil instability, corruption, environ- mental degradation and economic exploitation.

What is the greatest challenge facing North Africa’s growing population?

the scarcity of water to feed the growing population. in the right of a nation to be an independent state.

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Why is the Nile River valley the most densely populated region in North Africa?

Human activity has also eroded the land. The majority of Egypt’s 90 million people live near the Nile River Delta and the Lower Nile Valley, an area that accounts for 3.5% of the country’s total area. That makes the Nile River Delta one of the most densely populated parts of the country.

How has conquest affected culture in Libya and the Maghreb?

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when the Arabs armies invaded Libya and the maghreb, they brought with them a new religion (islam) and a new language (arabic) . berbers for example make up 20 % of the population.