Frequent question: Which part of Rome is best to stay for a first time tourist?

Where should you not stay in Rome?

If you know which areas to avoid in Rome, you’ll be better off. The city’s most crime-ridden neighborhoods include Tor Bella Monaca, Romanina, San Basilio, and Corviale. In addition, certain Rome train stations, including Termini, are hubs for pickpockets in Rome, especially at night.

How many days should I visit Rome for the first time?

Four or seven days. To add context, if you are doing a multi-city Italian journey, you should allocate at least 4 days to Rome if you arrive early on day 1 and leave late on day 4. Otherwise, consider 5 days. Ideally, you’ll have 3 completely full days dedicated to Rome additional to your arrival and departure day.

What should I do on my first trip to Rome?

Go to the Vatican

Peter’s Basilica. You may want to stroll through the Vatican museums (even if just to see the Sistine Chapel), hear a Mass inside St. Peter’s, or perhaps climb a few hundred steps to the top of the dome of St. Peter’s for a fantastic view out over Rome.

Where should I start in Rome?

Follow the paths of the Caesars and explore the heart of Rome’s archaeological sites: The Colosseum, Forum, and Palatine Hill are a good place to start. We strongly recommend a good book and audio tour to help you make sense of the ruins.

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How many days do you need to stay in Rome?

With almost no exception, we recommend that you spend a minimum of 3 days in Rome. You won’t be able to see everything in this short a span, but you will be able to see a good portion of the highlights. Plan on spending 4+ days in Rome if your total time in Italy is two weeks or more.

Is Trastevere a good area to stay in Rome?

Trastevere is one of the best places to stay in Rome, especially for first-time visitors—it’s beautiful, central, and less crowded than the historic centre. … It’s not as pretty as Trastevere, but it’s very local and the food is fantastic—no tourist menus in sight.

Is it safe to stay near Rome Termini station?

Re: Safe to stay near Termini Station? The Termini area is safe, as is everywhere in central Rome. Violent crime of any kind is very unusual.

What is the safest area to stay in Rome?

Safest Areas of Rome

Rome is a safe city and there are no real no-go areas in the city center. For a quiet, well-connected part of town, Prati is a good bet. It’s easy to get to by metro, convenient for the Vatican and has loads of good hotels (Palazzo Cardinal Cesi is a great one) and eateries to choose from.

What should you not wear in Rome?

What Not to Wear. To avoid looking like a tourist and sticking out like a sore thumb, try not to carry a bulky camera around your neck. Shorts in church and in Vatican City are a big no-no; avoid jean shorts or T-shirts with American slogans on them no matter where you go in Rome.

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