Has anyone died at Warped Tour?

Is Warped Tour still a thing?

Warped Tour officially officially came to an end after a three-event anniversary run in 2019. The long-standing summer touring festival ended in 2018.

What killed Warped Tour?

Warped Tour died because punk culture sold out. “It’s a strange contradiction to be anti-establishment in punk rock when it’s, like, sponsored by Target, and brought to you by Wal-Mart,” The Used’s Bert McCracken told VICE News. “It’s all horseshit.” VICE News attended Warped Tour’s final show to explore its legacy.

Is Warped Tour coming back in 2023?

NEWS: Warped Tour can’t legally return until 2023! … After coming to an end last year, there have been talks of Warped Tour making an eventual return in, with Attila frontman Chris “Fronz” Fronzack stating at the tail-end of 2019 that he hopes to revive it.

Who played 2009 Warped Tour?

The 2009 Vans Warped Tour will feature performances by Bad Religion, NOFX, Underoath, Thrice, 3OH! 3, Black Tide, Flogging Molly, Bayside, Less Than Jake, Flipper, Shooter Jennings and the Gallows, among others.

Is Warped Tour EMO?

Friday, August 20, 2021 8:30pm – 11:30pm

There’s something for everybody as the band seamlessly moves from the fast, giddy pop punk sounds to the angsty, emo anthems and heart-wrenching breakup songs with all the emotion and aggression in a sing along fashion you’d expect while attending the actual Vans Warped Tour.

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Did Green Day play Warped Tour?

Green Day

What a treat it was to have Green Day, the band that feels like the godfather of every Warped act, on the tour in 2000.