How long do bands usually tour?

What band has the longest tour?

The record for the highest-grossing tour of all time is still held by the Rolling Stones, whose $84m haul in 2006 will probably still be standing when Keef and co are in their dotage.

How long do bands play at festivals?

Headliners can range from two to three hours, to even more, depending on their time slot and if they’re the last show of the evening. In some cases, typical of jam bands, performances can last into the early morning hours.

What is the fastest sold out concert ever?

2017 Concert (South Korea) — EXO Planet #3 – The ElyXion at Gocheok Sky Dome sold out (66000 tickets) in 0.2 seconds Beating EXO own previous record of 0.4 (67,040 tickets) from their second tour and being the fastest sold-out tour in the world.

Who had the largest concert ever?

Rod Stewart, 1994–3.5 million

Music legend Rod Stewart holds the current world record for the biggest gig of all time — in 1994, he also performed on Copacabana Beach to to a staggering 3.5 million people celebrating New Year’s Eve.

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How long does a concert last if it starts at 7?

That’s just when the doors open to actual arena. Usually a support act will come on in between 7-8 and will usually play for about 45 minutes. The main act usually comes on about 9 and will play until about 10.30-11. Some shows last a bit longer though.

How long do warm up bands play?

Related Questions. How long do opening bands play? Opening bands typically play for 30-45 minutes, depending on what time the show starts and how many other bands are playing.

How many concerts did BTS sell out?

All four shows were reportedly sold out in the pre-sale itself. Thus, they said that no public sale would take place. Due to overwhelming past purchaser & Verified Fan presale demand for BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LA, all shows are sold out & tickets are not available for the public onsale.

How fast did Billie Eilish tickets sell out?


Whose concert tickets are the most expensive?

Well, below are the 10 most expensive concert tickets being sold today.

  1. The Rolling Stones – $624. This band tops our list.
  2. One Direction – $420. …
  3. Maroon 5 – $364. …
  4. Eagles – $354. …
  5. Justin Timberlake – $339. …
  6. Roger Waters – $314. …
  7. Beyonce – $282. …
  8. Fleetwood Mac – $282. …