How long does visa stamping take in Dubai?

What is the process of visa stamping in Dubai?

Steps for Visa Stamping process

Visa stamping process for Dubai takes place in the Consulate and all required documents will be submitted there. … The next step is to submit all the required documents and pay the necessary fee on the date of appointment. The authority will issue a visa after checking all documents.

How long does it take for visa stamping?

Usual processing time for the stamping and return of the passport back to VFS, is approximately 20-25 days.

How many days will take for visa stamping after medical in UAE?

Final processing takes between 2 to 10 days, and once the process is completed, you receive your original passport back with stamped visa.

How many days it takes for visa stamping in UAE?

Visa stamping will take at least 10–20 days. Then your visa is stamped wait for the message from Emirates ID office. You will receive an SMS saying in which post office you need to collect the Emirates ID.

How many days will it take to get passport after visa stamping?

If your passport is not collected within 14 calendar days from selected location it will be sent back to the respective Embassy or Consulate. If you have selected Blue Dart courier location then you will have to collect your passport within 7 business days.

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Is Nie required for visa stamping?

It is up to the consular officer to make a decision, if you qualify for NIE or not. Most of the times, if you have all relevant documentation and already got appointment approved, you are likely to get Visa stamping based on NIE.

How can I check my visa stamping status in UAE?

To check your visa status, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Visit the portal:
  2. Click on the “Passport Information” tab.
  3. Select “Visa”
  4. Enter your Passport number and Passport expiry date.
  5. Select your nationality.

Where can I get visa stamping in Dubai?

The final step is to get your visa stamped on the passport. For it, you will need to visit the Amer centre with the following documents:

  • Medical fitness report.
  • Emirates ID application.
  • Original passport of the family members.
  • Health insurance papers.
  • Your (sponsor’s) original Emirates ID.