How many citations is good for green card?


How many citations are enough for eb1?

There is no magic number as to how many papers or citations in total would be a considered an acceptable number for the O-1A or EB1A.

How many citations do you need for o1?

List your top four citations by others in high impact journals.

Can I apply for NIW without citation?

The Office of Administrative Appeals (AAO) has granted many applicants’ NIW petitions without citations. In lieu of citations, and articles, USCIS will accept evidence of your influence in the field including media reports of your work, awards, and requests for your technical advice or reprints of your work.

How many letters of recommendation do you need for EB2 NIW?

For EB2 National Interest Waiver petition, an alien applicants may have three to seven reference letters (also called recommendation letters) from experts in a field attesting to the alien’s contributions to the field and that “the significant benefit derived from the alien’s participation in the national interest …

How many publications do you need for green card?

10 published papers; 3 international presentations; Awards for academic excellence and research achievement from US Universities.

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How long does it take to get green card after PhD?

This process might take around 4-12 months – but in most cases, it is done in around 6 months. You may opt for self-petition – or you may ask your employer to do it on your behalf. Self-petitioning is generally a popular way to obtain a green card, as it does not require sponsorship.

Can PhD get O1 visa?

In short, the answer is no. A PhD in itself does not grant you eligibility for an O1 visa. … The USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) will look at your application and supporting documentation (including your PhD) and judge whether your credentials are enough to justify an O1 visa.

How many publications do I need for NIW?

Answer: There is no fixed number that one can suggest. Some one may have a top notch publication which every one in the field considers it as best. If such a publication received several awards, magazine reviews etc then just one or two related may be good enough.

Who is eligible for EB2 NIW?

The EB2-NIW visa is available to foreign nationals who have attained an advanced degree or its foreign equivalent in a professional field. These individuals can also meet this educational requirement with a Bachelor degree and at least 5 years of progressive experience in their field.