How much does Thailand earn from medical tourism?

How much money does Thailand earn from tourism?

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) claims that the tourist industry earned 2.52 trillion baht (US$71.4 billion) in 2016, up 11% from 2015.

Is Thailand known for medical tourism?

Thailand, a popular tourist location in the heart of Southeast Asia, has gained recognition as a credible medical tourism destination as well. Ranked 47th by the World Health Organization, the Thai healthcare system has also been well recognized by the US consular information sheet.

How many medical tourists visit Thailand each year?

The Ministry of Public Health claimed Thailand received 2.5 million medical tourists last year, but medical tourism directories, like, consider the true number to be fewer than 700 000 patients.

How does medical tourism help the economy?

Medical tourism can boost tourism receipts and employment in both medical centres as well as in other sectors. of 5 percent. Medical tourism employment in India is estimated to be about 167000. The growth of medical tourism in India is accelerating and expected to reach USD 8 billion by 2020.

Why Thailand has a lot of tourists?

Thailand is not just famous for its tropical beaches. The country is also famed for its amazing rural locations that cater extremely well for tourists despite seemingly being in the middle of nowhere. Whether you are looking for somewhere quiet to stay or a rural adventure, you can easily find accommodation and tours.

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Why do people go to Thailand for medical tourism?

The main reasons that have enabled Thailand to dominate this growing market are: The low cost of medical treatment, The quality of treatment provided by private medical centers, And the highly developed tourism industry.

How much does hospital cost in Thailand?

An annual checkup or regular visit at a private hospital might cost around 3,000 baht or $95. If you stay overnight, you’ll pay at least 10,000 baht or $317 a day, and if you need treatment in the ICU, you could pay up to 100,000 baht or $3,127 a day.

Can I go to Thailand for surgery?

Traveling to Thailand as a medical tourist

According to a spokesman for the Centre for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA), those who are seeking medical procedures, such as nose and eye cosmetic surgery and infertility treatment, will be allowed entry into Thailand – along with up to three caretakers.

Is Thailand good for plastic surgery?

Thailand is known for offering a range of procedures and surgeries performed by doctors that have received their training in Western nations. Many doctors also speak English well, in addition to providing high quality care. The country has become known as a destination for affordable cosmetic surgeries.