Question: What challenges do tour guides face?

What are risks of tour guiding?

They identified six risk perception factors: human-induced risk; financial risk; service quality risk; social–psychological risk; food safety problems and weather risk; natural disasters and car accident risk [34].

Do and don’ts of tour guide?

Terms in this set (12)

  • Be Punctual. Dos.
  • Be Late. Donts.
  • Come prepared. Dos.
  • Provide false or unsure information. Donts.
  • Be cordial and pleasant. Dos.
  • Show your exhaustion. Donts.
  • Watch your own health. Dos.
  • Overdo things. Donts.

What are some emergency situations can you identify which may be encountered by a tour guide while leading a tour?

In the event of an emergency while traveling you should always know the basics in relation to some of the following situations.

  • Sickness/accident. …
  • Dental emergency. …
  • Lost passport. …
  • Death. …
  • Credit card/mobile phone. …
  • Money. …
  • Lost travel documents. …
  • Assault.

What are the operational problems of a tour guide during a tour?

Here are the truth and challenges of tour guiding you will face:

  • No Stable Income & Labor Insurance. This is a brutal problem faced by tour guides. …
  • Nearly Work 24 Hours. …
  • Feel Lonely. …
  • Repeat Traveling the Same Place. …
  • Being Knowledgeable is a Must. …
  • Test Your Patience.
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What are the threats of tourism?

The rise of over-tourism is now threatening the world with carbon emissions, depletion of water resources, and other pollution. Tourists are, unknowingly, causing the destruction of the very landmarks that they visit.

What are the barriers in tour guiding?

This article discusses barriers like noise, accent, mispronunciation, beggars, code of ethics and the ways to overcome them, also professional behaviour in terms of four essential attributes, as well as common challenges faced by Uzbek tour-guides while they are working, after all, draws the conclusion with the …

What would be the impact of a tour guide’s behavior?

In the same context, Baldigara and Mamula (2012), point out that the development of the cognitive and behavioral skills of tour guides contributes in increasing the competitiveness of the tourism sector, where the skills of tour guides contribute in achieving a high degree of satisfaction among tourists, which then in …

What do’s and don’ts are to be followed while visiting any historical monument?

Please avoid carrying big bags and books inside the monument, this may increase your security check time. Photography is prohibited inside the main mausoleum. Avoid touching & scratching the walls & surfaces of the monument as these are heritage sites and need special care.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of tour guiding profession?

Top 10 Being a Tour Guide Pros & Cons – Summary List

Being a Tour Guide Pros Being a Tour Guide Cons
You can work in many different locations Your schedule may change pretty often
Tour guides can travel the world Rather low social standing
No fancy education required Some tour guides even need a second job
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What do tourist guides do?

Tour guides accompany groups of visitors to tourist attractions, whether on day trips or longer visits, and give them information and insights that help them make the most of the experience.

What type of emergency could affect your organization?

Work-related emergencies

These are the biggest group of emergencies that a workplace may experience, these emergencies are caused by factors relating directly to the work conducted. Work-related emergencies could be things such as chemical spills, explosions, machinery malfunction, or dangerous gas releases.