Quick Answer: How do I apply for a dependent work visa in New Zealand?

Can a dependent work in New Zealand?

With a work visa your partner can: work in any occupation and for any employer in New Zealand. stay for the same length of time as your student visa.

Can I bring my family to New Zealand on a work visa?

If you have a work visa or you’re applying for one, you can apply for your children who are 19 and under to come to New Zealand as visitors. Your children can stay in New Zealand for the same length of time as your visa.

Can Dependant children work NZ?

Dependent children are not eligible for work visas.

Can my spouse work in New Zealand while I study?

If you want your partner (spouse or de facto) to join you in New Zealand, they may apply for a Partner of a Student work visa or a Partner of a Student visitor visa, provided that they meet certain policy requirements. Your dependent children may apply for a visitor visa, or a student visa if they are attending school.

How can I get sponsored to work in New Zealand?

A sponsor can be any one of the following: an individual New Zealand citizen.

Extra criteria for sponsoring resident visa applications

  1. live in New Zealand.
  2. have been New Zealand citizen or resident for at least 3 years.
  3. have spent 184 days in New Zealand in each of the last 3 years.
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What are the documents required for dependent visa?

The documents needed during the US Dependent Visa interview are: Evidence of marriage that includes Wedding invitation card, Wedding albums, Original Marriage certificate. Copy of the Passport/s including those that have expired. Letters for verification of employment.

How do I move my family to New Zealand?

6 steps to moving to New Zealand

  1. 1Research New Zealand. Research New Zealand online and consider coming for a visit to explore the country, experience the lifestyle and meet potential employers. …
  2. 2Choose a visa. Choose the best visa for you. …
  3. 3Find a job. …
  4. 4Apply for your visa. …
  5. 5Plan your move. …
  6. 6Settle in.

Can my brother sponsor me to live in NZ?

To Sponsor a Brother or Sister

To be a sponsor for a Brother or Sister, they must have no other siblings or parents who are living lawfully and permanently in the same country as them.

What is a dependent child NZ?

“ dependent child , for a child and a person,— “(a) means a child— “(i) whose care is primarily the responsibility of the person; and.

What class is a dependent child?

A dependent child is any person aged 0 to 15 in a household (whether or not in a family) or a person aged 16 to 18 in full-time education and living in a family with his or her parent(s) or grandparent(s). It does not include any people aged 16 to 18 who have a spouse, partner or child living in the household.

What is a Dependant NZ?

a child of his or her parent or step-parent; or.