Quick Answer: What are the working conditions of a Tour Guide?

What are the working hours of a tour guide?

They often work long hours during the busy tourist season, sometimes 40 or more hours a week. They may have early starts and late finishes. If they work in a historic building, their hours are likely to depend on its opening times. Evening and weekend work is common.

What are the requirements needed to be a tour guide?

Prospective tour guides should possess a minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent certificate. Required academic backgrounds vary by company, but often a bachelor’s degree in a field related to the subject of the tour is necessary.

Do tour guides have flexible hours?

you have good people skills. you are knowledgeable of the history of many places and can research quickly when assigned on a new tourist spot. you have a flexible schedule and can work at any given time except on holidays.

What is a tour guide job description?

Tour guides, or tourist guides, are members of the hospitality and travel industry who show visitors around places of interest. Tour guides may lead groups or individuals through historical sites, museums, geographic destinations and on outdoor excursions.

What is the work of guide?

Tour guides lead visitors through tourist attractions and give information about the attractions’ natural and cultural significance. Often, they also act as interpreters for travelers who do not speak the local language. Automated systems like audio tours are sometimes substituted for human tour guides.

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What are the operational problems of a tour guide during a tour?

Here are the truth and challenges of tour guiding you will face:

  • No Stable Income & Labor Insurance. This is a brutal problem faced by tour guides. …
  • Nearly Work 24 Hours. …
  • Feel Lonely. …
  • Repeat Traveling the Same Place. …
  • Being Knowledgeable is a Must. …
  • Test Your Patience.