What are the advantages of space tourism?

What are advantages and disadvantages of space tourism?

Table 1 Advantages and disadvantages of space exploration

Advantages Disadvantages
Positive life changes to humankind Not reducing poverty in underdeveloped countries
Finding essential minerals in space Space travelling costs
Finding other living species in space Risk to astronauts
Challenge of adventure

What are the negatives of space tourism?


  • It’s expensive. Currently, space tourism is not cheap, meaning very few people can afford to do it. …
  • It may be bad for the environment. Some experts say rocket launches could be damaging our ozone layer. …
  • It may contribute to space junk.

What are advantages of space shuttles?

It is a remarkably capable vehicle. It has carried a variety of satellites and spacecraft to low-Earth orbit. It serviced satellites in orbit, most notably during the five missions to the Hubble Space Telescope.

How does space exploration benefit the environment?

Space-based technologies, such as remotely sensed data, have enhanced scientific understanding of water cycles, air quality, forests and other aspects of the natural environment. …

How does space technology benefit society?

The introduction of the novel technology mostly leads to a number of advantages to the society. The space technology has shown such benefits in many fields including the areas of health and education, communication sectors, land and water resources management, weather forecasting and disaster management.

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What was the major advantage the space shuttles had over other spacecraft?

It launched satellites and served as an orbiting science laboratory. Its crews repaired and improved other spacecraft, such as the Hubble Space Telescope. The shuttle also flew missions for the military.

What was one benefit of the space shuttle quizlet?

What was one benefit of the space shuttle? It was reusable. Which project involved the goal of orbiting a manned spacecraft around Earth?

What would be a disadvantage of the space shuttle compared to a space probe?

Space probes are at a disadvantage compared to piloted spacecrafts because they are limited in their abilities and can’t return to Earth without being destroyed.