Which of the following has strongest force of attraction repulsion?

What is the strong attraction force?

The strongest attractive force is nuclear force.

Which of the following have strong intermolecular force of attraction *?

dipole – dipole interaction is the strong intermolecular forces of attraction.

What is the force of attraction and repulsion?

Attraction is a force between two or more dissimilar or unlike charges. Two charges of dissimilar characteristics pull towards each other. Repulsion is a force between two or more similar or like charges. Two charges of similar characteristics pull away from each other.

Which of the following forces is the strongest Brainly?

Answer: Ion – Ion forces is the strongest force.

Which of the following polymer has strongest intermolecular forces of attraction?

Hydrogen bonding can take place when the polymer molecule contains -OH or -NH groups. Hydrogen bonding is the strongest of the intermolecular forces. Polymers such as poly(vinyl alcohol) and polyamides are hydrogen bonded.

Which of the following polymers have strong intermolecular forces?

Answer: (A,D) Fibres have strong forces of attraction, i.e., nylon and polyester.

Does PVC have strong intermolecular forces?

PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) is a thermoplastic polymer composed of chloroethylene monomers with an atactic stereochemistry with occasional syndiotactic structure. The polymer is usually linear with not many branching points, but is still very strong due to the strong intermolecular forces.

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