Your question: What is the prospect of tourism development in Province Number 1?

What are the prospect of tourism development in province Number 1?

Tourism potentiality in province no 1 of Nepal. … It is one of the tourism place of Nepal. It has beautiful mountains, hills, river, valley, temple and other famous places. It possesses many more beautiful places which are possibility for tourism development.

Which province has highest prospect of tourism industry in Nepal?

Answer: Explanation: Gandaki province is home to various best tourist destinations in Nepal as Gandaki is very rich in natural heritage and cultural diversity. … Since Gandaki is rich in both culture and natural beauty the province is the most appropriate place for the tourist destinations.

What are the prospects and challenges of Province No 1?

Answer: Province One has the prospects of becoming the richest among the seven because of its geography and economic potential. In terms of geography, it has mountains, hills and plains and it touches both India and China.

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Which province has the highest prospect of tourism industry explain?

Gandaki province has great prospect of tourism ‘.

What are the prospect of Province 1?

The economic potential of province-1 is very high. Province 1 mirrors Nepal, with geographical diversity from Kechanakalan, the lowest point in Nepal, to the highest peak in the world, Mr. Everest. Province 1 is home to the highest concentration of ethnic communities in the country.

What is the name of Pradesh No 1?

1 (proposed names: Kirat/Kirat Limbuwan/Sagarmatha/Koshi) is the easternmost of the seven provinces established by the new constitution of Nepal which was adopted on 20 September 2015.

Which province has less number of industries mention the prospect of development in that province?

Answer: which province has the least number of industries ? Province 6 is the smallest province in Nepal and includes the districts of Dailekh, Dolpa, Humla, Jajarkot, Jumla, Kalikot Mugu, Rukum (western part) Salyan, Surkhet.

Why is Bagmati province the most developed?

Answer: Explanation:Bagmati Province is one of the most developed province since the federal capital,Kathmandu lies here. … [2] this province has the large number of industries i.e 5298. [3] this province has the main resources of income.

Why Province No 3 is most developed?

Province 3 fares better than other six provinces in terms of social indicators. It has one of the lowest poverty rates, while access to energy, sanitation and drinking water is also better in this province compared to other provinces, according to the report.

What are the prospects of Province No 3?

Province No. 3 is uniquely placed among the seven provinces of Nepal on account of its central location, grater prospects for business and investment and bigger concentration of skilled human and abundant natural resources.

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What are the economic features of province number 1?

Biratnagar is economic capital for Province No. 1. There are many factories established in Biratnagar and its area. The three districts Jhapa, Morang and Sunsari of Terai an d Udayapur of Inner Terai has fertile land for farming paddy, wheat, sugarcane, maize, millet, jute .