2018 in Review

Perhaps in 2019 I’ll get better at actually blogging again – dream big, kids! – but, for now, I couldn’t let 2018 pass by without doing my annual wrap-up. I traveled a fair bit, I saw lots of Broadway shows, and I ate good food. All in all, not too shabby. 2019, bring it on. … More 2018 in Review

New York: Journeying Into the Dream Machine

It’s undeniable: Instagram-baiting pop-ups have been, well, popping up everywhere in NYC for the last few years. What do I mean exactly? Think of an art exhibit with a liberal dollop of narcissism and you’ll have the measure of it. Essentially, these exhibits feature room after room of colorful walls, special effects, and props, all … More New York: Journeying Into the Dream Machine