Best answer: Can a foreign spouse get OCI?

Can my foreign wife get OCI card?

Can the spouse of the eligible person apply for registration as OCI Cardholder? A spouse of eligible person can apply if he/she is eligible in his/ her own capacity.

Who Cannot be issued OCI cards?

The person’s parents, grandparents, or great grandparents were born in and were permanent residents of India and never moved to (i.e., were never nationals of) Bangladesh and Pakistan, or. The person is the spouse of a citizen of India or of a PIO and has been so for two years or more, and.

Who is eligible for Indian OCI?

1950 or was a citizen of India on or at anytime after 26.01. 1950 or belonged to a territory that became part of India after 15.08. 1947 and his/her children and grand children, is eligible for registration as an Overseas Citizen of India (OCI). Minor children of such person are also eligible for OCI.

How can a foreigner get Indian citizenship after marriage?

“The foreign national does not become an Indian citizen on marriage with a citizen under the Act. After the marriage, the foreign national has an option to get registered as an Indian citizen. Even then, the person must fulfil the requirement of residency before they can apply for Indian Citizenship.”

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Can any foreigner be a citizen of India how?

Citizenship of India by naturalization can be acquired by a foreigner (not illegal migrant) who is ordinarily resident in India for TWELVE YEARS (throughout the period of twelve months immediately preceding the date of application and for ELEVEN YEARS in the aggregate in the FOURTEEN YEARS preceding the twelve months) …

Can we travel to India without OCI?

No. As per the latest guidelines, all OCI card holders (with valid reason) holding US Passport are permitted to enter India.

How long can a US citizen stay in India with OCI card?

cardholders ? (i) An OCI is entitled to life long visa with free travel to India whereas for a PIO card holder, it is only valid for 15 years.

What is difference between NRI and OCI?

An NRI can invest in various financial investment opportunities available in India. An NRI can invest in residential/commercial properties but is not allowed to invest in agricultural or plantation property or a farmhouse. An OCI can invest in various financial investment opportunities available in India.

Can you be a dual citizen of US and India?

The Constitution of India does not allow dual citizenship, that is, holding Indian citizenship and citizenship of a foreign country simultaneously.

Can you apply for OCI as a family?

You can also file a joint application on behalf of your spouse or children (for a maximum total of four applicants per application), as long as all the applicants live in the same residence. If your family has more than four members, then you and your wife can each submit a separate OCI application.

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How much does OCI cost?

Fees for OCI Card

Service Consular Fee Total
New OCI card (Adult/Minor) $275.00 $295.00
New OCI for PIO Card Holder (Adult) $275.00 $45
New OCI card (Adult/Minor) $275.00 $295.00
Re-issue in case of Lost /Damaged OCI card $100.00 $120.00

Can I get Indian citizenship if I married an Indian person?

The rules so far stipulate a requirement of one year continuous stay before making an application for Indian citizenship in case of grounds of marriage to an Indian citizen, a foreigner who qualifies for naturalisation, an Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) Card holder for five years or any erstwhile citizen of India.