Frequent question: How can I extend my family visit visa in Kuwait?

How can I extend my family visit visa?

Family visit visas may be extended using the Metrash 2 app. Resident permit holders unable to return to Qatar because of COVID-19 will be able to return once the ban is lifted, even if their Qatar ID is expired or they have been out of the country more than six months.

How can I extend my Kuwait visa?

To re-enter the country, you can apply for an eVisa renewal for Kuwait. The renewal takes up to three (3) business days to process. If you are not sure if your eVisa is still valid, you can request a visa check to verify the status of your eVisa.

How much is the family visa in Kuwait?

The fee for the residence visa in case of family or dependents are as follows: For private-sector employees, the price is 100KD per person during the first year for their wife and first two children. The fees will, however, be 200KD per person for any more children of the employee.

How can I extend my visa validity?


  1. Identify relevant visas. You start the Visa Management Workbench , and search for visas that need extension. …
  2. Generate application form. On the prompted dialogue window, you can print the form out so as to submit to the authorities. …
  3. Maintain new expiry date in system.
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Can 3 months visit visa be extended?

The validity of tourist visa is 30 days while visit visa is 90 days. Tourist visa can’t be extended. … However, tourist visa holders are only allowed to renew twice, for maximum 60 days stay. If you want to renew it again, you have to go back to the country of origin and return after one month.

How can I renew my family residence online in Kuwait?

Follow The below Steps to Renew your residence in Kuwait.

  1. Step 1: Visit Ministry Of Interior Website and choose “Individuals”
  2. Step 2: Login using your User ID and Password, If you have Registered previously. …
  3. Step 3: Login and select your dependent details and click “Renew Option“

How can I get family visa in Kuwait?

The procedures for obtaining a family visit visa:

  1. Go to the Kuwait Embassy in your country and submit the required documents for a family visit visa listed above.
  2. Fill the service application form (Visa Application Form). Click this link to download the forms here.
  3. Pay the fees due.

What happens when visa expires in Kuwait?

The Online Kuwait Visa expires after 30 days. If a visitor stays in the country for longer than this duration they will have overstayed and will need to pay a fine. … However, you would not be allowed to leave the country until the fine was paid.

What is family sponsored visa in Kuwait?

A family visa offers Kuwaiti residency for the wife and children of any employed resident; under Kuwaiti law, wives are not legally allowed to sponsor their husbands, and male children over the age of 21 are ineligible for sponsorship under this visa.

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Is Visit Visa transferable in Kuwait?

Foreign nationals holding commercial visit visas in Kuwait will be permitted to transfer to work permits in the private sector, the country’s Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) has said. … The commercial visit visa will then be transferred to an iqama after the employee arrives in the country,” he added.

What is transferable visa in Kuwait?

The new decision allows expat government employees and those on dependent visas to transfer to jobs in the private sector, Kuwait Times reported. The new decree also permits expat workers across sectors to transfer jobs with the approval of their previous employer.