How long does it take to process f3 visa?

What is the priority date for F3?

Note: Fiscal Year 2020 for U.S. Immigration Agencies is from October 1st, 2019 to September 30th, 2020 (it is different from a calendar year).

How is F3-All Countries doing this year so far?

F3 Last Six
Visa Bulletin Final Action Movement
Apr 2021 Jun 15, 2008 +1 weeks

What is F3 petition?

Helping Married Children Immigrate To The U.S.

Married sons or daughters of U.S. citizens are not considered immediate relatives because Congress has determined that if they are married, they are not dependent on their parent(s). However, a U.S. citizen may petition them under the family third preference (F3) category.

What is a current priority date with NVC?

The date your petition was filed is called your priority date. Priority dates are posted monthly on the Visa Bulletin, which provides up-to-date priority dates for cases NVC is processing.

Why is F3 visa so slow?

How Long Is the F-3 visa Processing Time? Because there are caps for the Family Green Cards, the processing times may be quite long. For the F-3 visa, the processing time can range from 1 year up to extreme cases of 10 years.

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Why does visa processing take long?

We’ve established that visa wait times grow because there is a statutory limit on the number of green cards the government may issue each year. But there’s more. In addition to that, U.S. immigration law says no more than seven percent of all immigrant visas can be given to people of one country in a given year.

How long does it take to get your visa after interview?

It can take about 60 days from the date of the embassy interview for your visa application to be processed. In some cases, your visa might be rejected after 6 months. This is particularly common if your application is refused under Section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).

What is a F3 visa?

F3 Visa: Married Children of US Citizens. The F3 Visa is a Family Based Green Card which falls into the Preference Relative category. This visa is designed for the married child of a U.S. citizen, and the spouse and children of the married child.

How long does it take to get a Green Card through family?

It can take as little as 6 months and as many as 10 years to get a Green Card through a family member. While it can take 6-12 months to receive a Green Card through an immediate family member, all other family based Green Cards can take years.