How many tourists does Sri Lanka have?

How many tourist visit Sri Lanka each year?

The tourist traffic in 1982 showed that there was a remarkable growth in number of tourists, with 407,230 arrivals.

Tourist arrivals.

Country India
2017 384,628
2018 424,887
2019 107,147
2020 89,357

What are the top 5 tourist generating countries to Sri Lanka?

India, United Kingdom, China, Germany and Australia were Sri Lanka’s top five international tourist generating markets from January to December this year.

How much does Sri Lanka rely on tourism?

Contribution To GDP

Sri Lanka earned $4.4bn from tourism in 2018, with revenue up 12% on the $3.9bn of 2017, according to the SLTDA. This compares to $2.98bn in 2015 and $3.5bn in 2016. Average daily expenditure was about $174 in 2018, up $4 from the previous year.

Does Sri Lanka rely on tourism?

The economy of Sri Lanka, a sun-drenched island in the Indian Ocean, depends heavily on the $4.4 billion tourism industry. Small businesses like Pearl Divers have been on the rise since the nation’s civil war ended in 2009 and tourists poured in.

Is Sri Lanka beautiful country?

Sri Lanka is a beautiful, exotic destination full of culture, nature, wildlife, and smiling faces. For a country with such a violent (and recently so, at that) history, the island is actually home to some of the friendliest people out there.

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Why do tourists love Sri Lanka?

The tropical climate, beautiful beaches and incredible food of Sri Lanka are just some of the many reasons to include the South Asian country on your travel wish list. … Sri Lanka is a great place to visit for water sport and wildlife enthusiasts and a haven for history buffs.

Is Sri Lanka safe?

You could encounter violent crime in Sri Lanka, including sexual assault and robbery. Pickpocketing, bag snatching and other petty crime are risks. Be careful of theft in crowds, and in these locations: markets.