How much economic income did domestic tourism generate in Carteret County last year?

How much state and local tax revenue was generated last year from travel to Carteret County?

State and local tax revenues from travel to Carteret County amounted to $30.58 million. This represents a $453.89 tax saving to each county resident. County Tourism Development Authority Director Carol Lohr said the results were good news after the downturn that began in 2008.

How much revenue was generated in 2020 from tourism in mecklenburg County?

The findings are considered preliminary and reflect the economic impact of tourism on each of the state’s 100 counties. Mecklenburg County led the state in visitor spending ($2.8 billion) and direct tourism employment (26,940). North Carolina’s statewide spending totaled $19.96 billion, as reported in May.

How is it impacting NC tourism?

State tax receipts as a result of domestic visitor spending decreased 26.4 percent to more than $891.6 million in 2020. Local tax receipts from domestic visitor spending dropped 21 percent to $906.4 million. Direct tourism employment in North Carolina decreased 26.4 percent to 178,700.

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How much economic income does tourism generate in Mecklenburg County annually?

Approximately 29.6 million visitors — an increase of 400,000 from 2018 — came to the area last year. State and local tax revenues generated from travel to Mecklenburg County totaled $425.7 million, representing an estimated annual tax savings of $383 for every resident in the county.

How much economic income did domestic tourism generate in Wake County in 2019?

As a result of the overall $2.9 billion in visitor spending, more than $284 million in state and local tax revenues were generated by visitors in Wake County in 2019 as well.

How much economic income did domestic tourism generate in Mecklenburg County in 2019?

Beyond the Charlotte region, domestic visitors to North Carolina spent a record $26.75 billion in 2019 (an increase of 5.6 percent from 2018), directly supporting more than 236,000 jobs and $6.6 billion in payroll income across the state.

What is the economic impact of hospitality and tourism on the state of North Carolina?

Economic Impact

Tourism-related expenditure account for 4 percent of the state’s economy, bringing in $20.2 billion per year and supporting 8.7 percent of the state’s wage and salaried employment, as of 2009. Tourism generates $2.2 billion in federal taxes and $2.1 billion in state and local taxes.