What does it mean peak season in tourism?

What is peak tourist season?

As weather cools down, India enters it high tourist season which lasts from October through March (to be more exact, from November to mid-February). During the period, climate in most of the country is delightful without the hotness of summer and humidity of monsoon season (from June to September).

What is meant by peak period?

peak period in British English

(piːk ˈpɪərɪəd) the busiest or most popular time. The peak period for holidays is July.

What does tourist season mean?

: the time when many people go to visit places as tourists.

What is peak season and lean season?

Lean Seasons. 1st February to 31st March; and. 1st August to 31st August. Peak Seasons. 1st April to 31st July; and.

What is peak summer season?

On a very general level, you can roughly say that peak season is summer—which is June–August in the northern hemisphere and November–February in the southern hemisphere. The Christmas and New Year’s holidays are also peak seasons in many parts of the world.

What is the meaning of peak season in business?

peak season. noun [ C or U ] the time of year when a lot of people travel and prices are usually at their highest: Some travel companies offer deals even in peak season.

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What is off-peak time mean?

: not being in the period of maximum use or business : not peak telephone rates during off-peak hours.

How do you use peak season in a sentence?

1. The hotels are always full during the peak season . 2. The resort gets overcrowded in peak season.

What is opposite of peak season?

Noun. Opposite of in the tourist industry, the period of highest demand. low season.

What is peak season Philippines?

March to May

These are the hottest three months in the Philippines and are locally known as “summer” – although meteorologists refer to this period as the dry season. This is the country’s peak season because travel between islands is easiest during this period, and delays due to tropical storms or typhoons are rare.

What is a tourist month?

Tourist season may refer to: For tourism destinations, the months of peak demand or the months in which seasonal attractions are open. Tourist Season (novel), a 1986 novel by Carl Hiaasen.