Who is eligible for Saudi green card?

How can I get permanent residency in Saudi Arabia?


  1. Present a valid passport.
  2. Applicant at least 21 years of age.
  3. Submit a criminal record demonstrating the applicant’s lack of precedents.
  4. Provide proof of the applicant’s financial solvency.

How can I get family residence visa in Saudi Arabia?

How to obtain a Saudi Arabia Family Residency Visa – 3 simple steps

  1. Passport (must be valid for more than 6 months + two blank pages facing each other).
  2. Three passport sized photos (must be recently taken + have a white background).
  3. Complete the Family Residency Visa application form (page 2 of our Pack).

How can I get Iqama premium in Saudi Arabia?

For Premium Residency Status- Here is What You Need

  1. A Valid passport.
  2. Be 21 years of age or more.
  3. Have a valid Saudi Iqama (Residency Permit) or Resident Abroad.
  4. A Proven Clean Criminal Record.
  5. Free of Contagious Diseases (Medical Report)
  6. Sufficient (ample) Finances.
  7. Pay Annual Fees- SP1 only.

Can a foreigner get Saudi citizenship?

Saudi nationality law, officially called the Saudi Arabian Citizenship System, is the law that determines who is a Saudi citizen. Foreigners are given citizenship if they meet the terms and conditions.

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Can I get Saudi citizenship?

Saudi citizenship is granted to children born inside or outside the Kingdom if they were born to a Saudi father. Saudi citizenship is also granted to a Saudi mother and a father of an unknown nationality or a father who is stateless.

How much is Iqama in Saudi?

The Ministry of Interior KSA iqama fee is 650 SR. Health insurance fee is 500 SR. Total fee will be 9550 SR.

Can you live in Saudi Arabia permanently?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia recently launched its first permanent residency program for certain expatriates, allowing them to reside in the country with their families without a Saudi sponsor. Applications can be made through the Premium Residency Card (PRC) online application platform.

Can a foreigner buy property in Saudi Arabia?

Foreigners are allowed to own real estate, but are subject to approval of the licensing authority. Foreign investors can purchase property for construction and investment, but this also requires prior approval. Foreign ownership is forbidden in Mecca and Medina.

What is the minimum salary to get family visa in Saudi?

The minimum salary on the GOSI Certificate requirement for a permanent family visa in Saudi Arabia: SR 3,500.

What is the age limit for Saudi work visa?

Work visa age limit in Saudi Arabia 60 years old maximum for public sector jobs. Private sector company jobs overseas workers gain work permits and residence in their mid 60’s. Foreign workers under 58 years old and for some work 55 depends if manual work or highly skilled and shortage occupation.

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