You asked: How do I get a visa for Uzbekistan?

How much does Uzbekistan visa cost?

Uzbekistan Tourist E-visa fees for citizens of United States of America

Type of visa Validity Total cost
30 days Single Entry Up to 90 days $79.00
Single entry Up to 30 days $259.00
Single entry Up to 30 days $379.00
Multiple entry Up to 30 days $259.00

Do I need visa to go to Uzbekistan?

All US citizens traveling to Uzbekistan must have a visa to enter the country. A visa is even required to transit through Uzbekistan, and all visas must be obtained prior to arrival in the country. … In addition to a visa, it is also necessary to have a valid passport to travel to Uzbekistan.

How can I apply for Uzbekistan visa online?

In order to submit an online application for the Uzbekistan eVisa, travelers must provide a digital scan of their passport and a recent passport-style photograph. The passport must be valid and issued by an eligible country. Applicants must also provide an email address and a method of payment for the visa fee.

Is Uzbekistan visa on arrival?

Holders of a Visa Confirmation (stamp), issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan, can obtain a visa on arrival at Tashkent International Airport.

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How do I become a citizen of Uzbekistan?

The conditions for granting citizenship of the Republic of Uzbekistan are the following:

  1. refusal of foreign citizenship;
  2. permanent residence in the territory of the Republic of. …
  3. availability of lawful sources of livelihood;
  4. recognition and adherence to the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Can I buy a house in Uzbekistan?

In accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 92 of February 27, 1999, foreign citizens can purchase a residential property within Uzbekistan only if they have a residence permit (RP).

Can I fly to Uzbekistan now?

U.S. citizens are permitted to enter Uzbekistan but usually need a visa.

How long does Uzbekistan visa take?

How long does it take to get an e-visa? Processing and issuing the e-visa takes 2 working days, so you should submit your e-visa application at least working 3 days before you plan to enter Uzbekistan.

How can I get invitation letter from Uzbekistan?

You can apply for a letter of invitation through this form with a reputable agency based in Uzbekistan. 7 to 10 working days processing time. Express processing is possible (4-5 working days) for an extra 10$, but the consular fee will be 30$ more charged at the embassy (not by us).

How can I get e visa?


  1. Apply online. Upload Photo and Passport Page.
  2. Pay eVisa fee online. Using Credit / Debit card / Payment Wallet.
  3. Receive ETA Online. Electronic Travel Authorization/ETA Will be sent to your e-mail.
  4. Fly To India. Print ETA and present at Immigration Check Post where eVisa will be stamped on passport.
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