Your question: Can Malaysia become a smart tourism destination?

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What makes Malaysia special in the tourism industry?

Rich cultural history, beautiful historical landmarks and mesmerizing local lifestyle attracts so many tourists from around the globe.

What is the strength of Malaysia as tourism destination?

Malaysia is ranked 9th in the world for tourism arrivals Malaysia was also voted the best travel destination in Asia by the World Travel Awards Asia and Australasia 2016.

What is a smart tourism destination?

According to the European Capital of Smart Tourism Initiative, a smart tourism destination is: “A destination facilitating access to tourism and hospitality products, services, spaces, and experiences through ICT-based tools.

Does Malaysia possess enough tourist attraction to develop ecotourism?

Malaysia has the potential to become a top of the list destination for ecotourism. It is one of the world’s 12 mega diversity areas, blessed with a variety of ecosystems such as mangroves, swamps, mountains, coral reefs, limestone and caves.

Does Malaysia rely on tourism?

Tourism is one of the largest industries in Malaysia, contributing 5.9 percent to its gross domestic product (GDP), and employing close to a quarter of the total workforce in Malaysia.

Which potential tourists markets can be explored by Malaysia?

Other niche segments that have been targeted under the government’s development programme are medical, spa and wellness tourism, as well as shopping and duty free sales, though regional rivals are also offering similar projects, potentially narrowing the scope for Malaysia to fully capitalise on these markets.

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How can I be smart in tourism?

Smart tourism is reliant on core technologies such as ICT, mobile communication, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality.

Smart Tourism Destinations

  1. Technology embedded environments.
  2. Responsive processes at micro and macro levels.
  3. End-user devices.
  4. Stakeholders that actively use smart platforms.

How can I be a smart tourist?

These five methods include; smart accessibility options, smart sustainability initiatives, smart information sharing, smart research and management tools and smart tourist experiences.

What is smart tourism planning?

Smart tourism provides tourists with relevant information, mobility, and support in making decisions . Smart tourism has received considerable research attention, and several researchers have investigated the determinants of tourist intention or satisfaction in the context of smart tourism Chung et al.