Autumn in Ann Arbor

This post feels like a bit of a cop out, as it consists entirely of Instagrams and my previous post did too. However, in the last week or so, two circumstances have collided, leaving me with a bunch of Instagrams I really, really want to share. One, I got a new iPhone with a way better … More Autumn in Ann Arbor

Tea for Two at Teahaus

I am a big fan of Teahaus, having logged serious hours there during my 1L year while studying for finals. It’s tucked up on 4th Street in Kerrytown, meaning that it’s far enough from campus to be blissfully undegrad-free and thus perfect for studying. Also, it serves delicious scones and macarons. That helps the studying, … More Tea for Two at Teahaus


It’s almost exam time, and for me that means searching for quiet places on campus to study. I’ve started wandering farther away from campus in an effort to evade the mobs of undergrads, and this led me to stumble upon TeaHaus. And, I have to say, this is my new favorite study spot. From the … More TeaHaus

My Weekend in Photos

My weekends lately have been filled with more reading and writing and internship-applying than fun times, but this past weekend was an exception. Some old friends from college were in town and we had a wonderful time – catching up, eating delicious food, taking a million silly pictures, cheering on a Michigan basketball victory over … More My Weekend in Photos

November in Instagrams

As I mentioned last month, I’m increasingly using iPhone photo apps to document my life. In fact, I’m often finding myself deciding not to bring a “real” camera to events because I know I’ll have my phone. I’m not sure that this is a good thing, but having an iPhone is definitely changing how I … More November in Instagrams

An Autumn Walk

To state the obvious, law school = lots of reading. Which isn’t really so bad, except that, every now and then, after sitting in one spot for hours, casebook open in front of me, I get a little stir crazy. To remedy that, I’ve started taking walks every evening. Not only is it, you know, … More An Autumn Walk