Autumn in Ann Arbor

This post feels like a bit of a cop out, as it consists entirely of Instagrams and my previous post did too. However, in the last week or so, two circumstances have collided, leaving me with a bunch of Instagrams I really, really want to share. One, I got a new iPhone with a way better … More Autumn in Ann Arbor

Tea for Two at Teahaus

I am a big fan of Teahaus, having logged serious hours there during my 1L year while studying for finals. It’s tucked up on 4th Street in Kerrytown, meaning that it’s far enough from campus to be blissfully undegrad-free and thus perfect for studying. Also, it serves delicious scones and macarons. That helps the studying, … More Tea for Two at Teahaus

Waffle Break!

I’m not going to lie, finals were rough this year (everybody tells you that 1L year is going to be hard, but nobody mentions how tough 2L is!). If I were telling you, nameless future law student, how to pick courses, I’d recommend taking a few with exams, and a few with papers (or better … More Waffle Break!


The other day, someone found my blog by searching for the term “venom rest in ann arbor.” While it might be possible that there’s some sort of snake exhibit in A2 I don’t know about, I find it more likely that they were looking for information about Vellum, a new(ish) restaurant on Main Street. So … More Vellum