Paris: In Celebration of Culinary Favorites, Old and New

When I plan a trip to Paris, I don’t start with sightseeing. Nope, food comes first: what new restaurants am I dying to try? What restaurants have I been wanting to check out for a while now but have never quite had time to visit on previous trips? And what old favorites do I need … More Paris: In Celebration of Culinary Favorites, Old and New

December in Paris

After getting sent to Paris in November for work, I was lucky enough to return again in December. And, just like November, I spent a lot of time revisiting my favorite spots, especially those that I knew would be decked out for the holidays. What can I say; I am a sucker for Christmas. On … More December in Paris

November in Paris

Of all the calls you can get at work, “Can you hop on a plane to Paris tomorrow?” is one of the better ones (it’s right up there with “your Seamless is in the lobby.”) And so, completely out of the blue last November, that’s just what I did. My time in the city was super intense … More November in Paris