Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 160

The weekly roundup of internet awesome: Heh: Nihilistic Password Security Questions. Quite right: A Harry Potter Where Hermione Doesn’t Do Anyone’s Homework for Them. The end of an era: Farewell, America’s Next Top Model and Ranking the Winners of Top Model, from Worst to Best. An article that resonates: When Instagram Culture Ruins a Vacation. … More Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 160

Autumn in Ann Arbor

This post feels like a bit of a cop out, as it consists entirely of Instagrams and my previous post did too. However, in the last week or so, two circumstances have collided, leaving me with a bunch of Instagrams I really, really want to share. One, I got a new iPhone with a way better … More Autumn in Ann Arbor