New York: Finding the Perfect Pizza Slice in Brooklyn

True New Yorkers would no doubt tell anybody that their pizza was the very best pizza in the world, and for my money, it is pretty damn good. Yet when it comes to pizza, I rarely stray beyond my beloved Patsy’s on the Upper West Side. Wanting to rectify that – and wanting a good “fun … More New York: Finding the Perfect Pizza Slice in Brooklyn

Brunch at Sotto 13

In New York, I’ve often noticed, brunch seems like a religion. While you can get a fine brunch in many cities across the US (and indeed the world, I’d imagine), there’s just something about an NYC brunch. It’s an event, and it’s usually crowded, and it takes hours, and, to do it properly, it requires … More Brunch at Sotto 13


I am loving all the amazing restaurants in Chicago, and Balena is most definitely one to add to the “amazing” list. I went there last week and was blown away by it. It was sort of a last minute decision, so we didn’t have reservations and ended up sitting at the bar – which didn’t … More Balena

Spacca Napoli

I will be honest. One of my first lessons of this summer is that Chicago-style deep dish pizza is not really my jam. It’s good, but also kind of makes me feel gross. But this? This is my jam. And by “this,” I mean Neapolitan-style pizza, straight out of a wood-burning stove from Spacca Napoli. … More Spacca Napoli

Giordano’s Pizza

It seems fitting that my first Chicago food post is about deep dish pizza. It’s a topic that seems to divide people, and by people, I mean arrogant New Yorkers who seem offended that a massive deep dish could be deemed “pizza.” I think the debate is silly, and when it comes down to it, … More Giordano’s Pizza